Friday, December 25, 2009

A Decade of Lists Plus a Special Last Minute Gift Idea

People love lists. Lists are fun. They make you think, remember and start arguments. There's nothing more popular at the end of any year than lists so you can only imagine the number of lists that accompany the end of the decade.

Here's a little chronicle of the standards (best movies & albums) along with more unique lists like FastCompany's Top 10 Gadget Flops of the Decade.

Best & Worst Reviewed Movies of the Decade (MetaCritic)

Metacritic is probably the best of the review compiler sites (a bit more focused than RottenTomatoes).

The worst rated movie of the 00's has multiple 0 ratings out of 100 and includes the following review from Stephen Holden of the New York Times, "The Singing Forest was written and directed by Jorge Ameer, whose film "Strippers" opened three years ago and remained the single worst movie I had ever reviewed -- until now." The interesting, bizarre, unique vision of Pan's Labyrinth was the #1 rated movie.

Metacritic also compiled a music critic's best of the decade lists topped by Radiohead's Kid A with the most mentions followed by Arcade Fire - Funeral.

For the sports fan, who gets at least count down every night on some highlight program, there's ESPN's 25 Best Games of the Decade as well as Rob Neyer's Top 100 Baseball Players of the Decade.

Want to find a list in some sort of entertainment media? Look no further Paste's Best of the Decade list barrage. Lists include standards like Albums & Top Movies of the Decade (a list that gets major cred for putting one of my all time favorites City of G-d at #1) but Top 10 Comedians, Top 10 Music Producers, Top 30 Cover Songs and much more.

Don't forget the favorite lists of reading machine like myself, the Top 20 Books of the Decade and more interestingly, the Top 20 Magazines of the Decade including the top 5 (which I happen to subscribe to all of the) Wired, New York, New Yorker & my personal favorite The Believer.

NME's Greatest album's of the Decade (via Stereogum). The Brits have a different idea of tip album's of the decade outside of the Strokes, which seems to pop up on all of the top album lists for its influence and just because its a great album. The UK Version might even be better because of its inclusion of the non-US track "NYC Cops".

The Top 26 Cultural Moments of the 2000s (Slate)

It might be a little late since it's already Christmas but if you have a Rammstein fan in your circle, Stereogum's Ridiculous Gift Guide for Music Fans has possibly the most ridiculous box set in history. It's called "Love is There for Everyone" and if you want to learn about love in the German Industrial way. A real deal at about 200 Euros. You get the music along with assortment of phalluses and handcuffs. Quite the package. Happy Holidays!

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