Sunday, January 10, 2010

ESPN Needs to Add Another Channel to Your Cable Box.

One Serious ESPN Gloworm

Even if you are unfamiliar with sports, you can see how many the assortment of channels under the ESPN umbrella of networks, just do some random channel surfing.

On TV, there is ESPN, ESPN2 (more sports), ESPN Classic (classic games), ESPNews (sports news 24/7 because Sportscenter is not on enough), ESPNU (college sports), and ESPN Desportes (Sports in Spanish). Take a look at their TV Listing Guide and you would think that anyone playing a sport in this world at this moment may be on TV, even the handball game in the playground behind you with those angry Russians.

On the web, they have the all-encompassing property of, along with recent additions of and there new local sports websites in Chicago, LA, & Boston which basically attempt to destroy the ability of local papers to have sports coverage. They have legions of bloggers in every sport, with every team, and every league.

ESPN have fantasy analysts for every sport and offer you free online game play. They run something called Streak for the Cash, which you rewards players with money for being able to pick most correct random sporting events usually without even knowing who is on the teams and possibly where they even play.

Did I mention the underwhelming ESPN the Magazine? If you need sports in your car, check the ESPN Radio Station Locator so no matter where you are you can get the scores for the Idaho St football game. They have podcasts for just about every sport. If you want to fill your day with sports, ESPN will find a way to do it for you.

So that's TV, Web, Print, Radio. What else is left in the media world?

ESPN still haven't gotten around to ESPN 8 "the ocho" (If it's almost a sport, we've got it here") yet mid 2010 there will be a ESPN 3D, the 8th official TV channel from ESPN. That means they will attempt to move the 3D phenomenon to the little screen, but the little screen seems to be getting bigger every day (yet always thinner). And if you're not up with the latest gadgets, 3D TVs seem to be the next wave in ultra expensive couch potato trying to give you not a moment worthy of leaving your home (or even the living room) thanks to Sony.

Where did I read about ESPN 3D? On one of the original news sites I learned to love on the web from years and years ago. If you love snarky articles with intelligence and you don't read Slate, you should. Here's a nice sampling of their most interesting pieces of late.

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