Wednesday, January 06, 2010

I Read Something... The Inaugural 2010 Nicolas Cage/ Oscar Edition

Do you love or really hate Nicolas Cage? Either way you can enjoy the greatness of Nic Cage as Everyone, a site based on the simple premise that all photos with a face can be replaced with Nicolas Cage. Some say he is an acting chameleon...

Here's our reptilian actor is as Tommy Boy (from Moviefill):

Speaking of cage, I'm watching his latest opus Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans as I type. he does seem to give better performances when he plays a guy who is falling apart and the performance gets better as he spirals out of control (see Leaving Las Vegas, Adaptation, and especially the underrated Weather Man.

Bad Lieutenant (not the original) is worth seeing if only to watch Cage deprive a senior citizen of an air hose as part of an interrogation, pulling a gun on her, then leaving after blaming the woman for why this country is going down the drain. It also usually For some reason his accent changes halfway through into a kind of James Cagney detective voice with a little of cottonmouth Brando mixed in, a move that only the greats can, do like Tom Cruise in Valkyrie. Don't forget about Xzibit plays the villain, a little better than 50 Cent in that shitshow Righteous Kill and ability to see dead men break dance to Harmonica music.


If you need another reason not to watch the Oscars, they love disqualifying cool film scores because of bullshit. Even though I wasn't a big fan of Where the Wild Things Are, the soundtrack is quite excellent even if I'm not a big Karen O fan, it's garbage that soundtrack is not eligible. Brian Eno? Didn't even apply! Johnny Greenwood's riveting soundtrack from There Will be Blood? Nope. These are finally artists I would like to see perform in between the overbearing Best Picture introductions/montages that last forever (now upped from 5 to 10 nominees this year so the show should last 5 hours this year instead of 4).

I hope the increased nominations get one joke film in there every year. How about Crank 2 for 2009? When they do the intro, Sean Penn can blabber on about the riveting performance of Jason Statham as tortured Chev Chelios. Now that I would watch? C'mon Academy, give me something!


Were you ever curious of what the world record for straight TV watching is? The answer is three days and the man is Ryan Miller. For the third straight year, he won a TV watching contest but outlasting everyone else at the ESPN Zone (he did get one bathroom break every 8 hours). (via TV Squad) I am pretty sure I could beat him especially if I get a bunch of HBOs.

Can you spot the mistake from the Fiesta Bowl? (TV Squad)


Would you like to ride a bike on water like a modern Jesus? This guy thought you might.DoobyBrai


Here's to a good 2010!

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official rutherford cage film festival? sounds pretty sweet.