Friday, December 25, 2009

I Read Something... Dec 25, 2009 - The Jewish Christmas Edition

Since I don't spend December 25th sitting around exchanging gifts or roasting chestnuts and playing with ornaments, I usually spend the day reading followed by Chinese food and a movie.

Here's some of my favorite articles I've read in the past few weeks. Sadly, my job takes a lot of my time during most of late November and December.

Elf Heads to Broadway (Paste) - Yes, the Elf with Will Ferrell.

Iphone Owners spend more money (Fast Company) - This one seems obvious but here's some proof.

A Brief History of Christmas Tree Lights (mental_floss)

Guy Ritchie is hardly the first director to get Sherlock Holmes wrong. (Slate)

Said The Gramophone's Best 75 Songs of 2009

Graphic designer re-imagines NFL Helmets (Fast Company) - This is what happens when artists get involved in sports...

McSweeney's 'Panorama' Oroves Print Isn't Dead (Time) - Hipsters reinvigorate the newspaper! My copy is on route as we speak. - Would you like to own a piece of World Series history? How about an average Catchers cup (and I don't mean for drinking)?

Graphic Resumes (Fast Company) - Resumes are just for words anymore.

In the film arena (where my mind is always focused), the new Kevin Smith movie has a trailer. It is the first film by Jersey Chat fest king Silent Bob has not written himself and the first one that seems to have a real budget. Bruce Willis & Tracy Morgan star a detective partners with a bit of an attitude in Cop Out (originally titled A Couple of Dicks but changed due to an inability to market the movie under that fantastic title that probably made Smith want to make the movie in the first place). Here's a trailer. You should like it if you've enjoyed the 30 Rock incarnation of Morgan's career:

Did you know they are remaking Karate Kid? Probably not. Mr. Miyagi played by Jackie Chan is teaching Will Smith's kid the way. A trailer that may be considered required viewing (via Speakeasy):

Now it's time to watch Bad Santa, a true holiday classic!

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