Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Famous Old Men Retire, Rob Lowe's Shitfit, Snow Penis, Whammy Burger, and the Illustruious Firing of a Domino's Employee - I Read Something Roundup

The biggest story in a while... Regis Philbin is old and "retiring" from his gabfest on an undisclosed date in the near future. The last vestige of the great morning comedy duo known as Regis & Kathie Lee will be lost for good, unless you watch her get drunk on NBC or watch Rege on the soon to be launched RPN, if Oprah has a network Regis should have TWO by now. Rumor has it, he may "pop in" as a guest host on "Who Wants to be a Millionaire?" Keep your fingers crossed. Oh... and that football player who texts images of his dick as a pick up line retired to for the 12th time.

Who is that? That face on the far right is so familiar. Can't get it? Think red headed? How about vixen from one of the best shows on TV?  Give up. That is the Christina Hendricks, the queen bee of ad agency secretaries Joan Halloway on Mad Men from a Playboy shoot in 1999.

Cinenamatical spotlighted a personal favorite this week in their "Scenes We Love" series, which digs back into the archive for breakdowns of great moments in cinema you may have forgotten. The highlighted segment this week is from Falling Down, where Michael Douglas' fantastic man-on-the-brink says what most people thinking after they get their fast food order.

Read the one of the more hilarious job dismissal reports via Geekologie:

REPORT: Jeopardy Super Computer Wins Practice Round vs. Jeopardy Nerd King Ken Jennings. First they will understand our language like a child, then they will take over the world.

Have you ever heard of a Snow Penis? Let the local news handle this one:

And if you didn't know, Parks & Recreation was probably the funniest show on last year and was off the air for the first part of the year but will be returning Thursday night. Adam Scott and Rob Lowe seemed to have joined the cast in a more permanent basis which should help the show continue on this path. Here's a pretty funny promo where Rob Lowe has a tantrum on set (a bit NSFW as the kids say):

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