Monday, April 20, 2009

The State is Coming to DVD

The State is probably the best and most under-appreciated comedy sketch series of all time and while everything in the world has been released and re-released on DVD in special editions. While browsing Michael Ian Black's blog, my heart skipped a beat when he posted that "The State" is finally going to be released. Supposedly it has been delayed due to music clearance issues and other MTV BS that no one wants to hear about but on July 14th you will get an all encompassing DVD release of The State, which according to TVShowsonDVD will include:

  • Commentary
  • Pilot Episode (with Commentary)
  • Unaired Sketches (with Commentary)
  • Additional Scenes: Outtakes
  • Featurette: Special Appearances
  • Interview: Origins
  • Interview: Roles
  • Interview: Feedback
  • Interview: Catchphrase
  • Other Interviews
  • DVD-ROM: Commentary
  • Promos
  • Previews
I was gonna put together a collection of some of The State's best but they are either terrible, unwatchable quality or pulled off Youtube but soon enough the exploits of Doug, Louie ("I'm gonna dip my balls in it" party animal) & "The Jew, The Italian & The Redhead Gay."

But MTV has posted a sweet ass trailer feauring the greatest theme song in sketch comedy history (and that includes In Living Color):

The 11 State alumni (including Thomas Lennon, Micheal Ian Black, David Wain, Ken Marino) are all over the comedy world with tentacles reaching into things you've been laughing at for years. From Wet Hot American Summer to "Stella", from "Reno 911!" to Role Models. I think I'm ready to pre-order right now. And what a day to announce the release, the State makes perfect marathon watching for 4/20/2010.

State fans, what's your favorite sketch?

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