Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Bad Economy is Probably the Guy’s Fault

If you don't know this pirate, you don't watch TV. Mr. is the modern king of the overexposed pitchman for a product that most people couldn't give two shits about. The amount of anguish that he provides the average TV viewer is no expose on my part.

Reading through Kiplinger's I stumbled upon something which I knew but figured is worth sharing. Shock of shock's FreeCreditreport is not free. According to the article, As Seen on TV: A Freebie That Isn't :

"You'll get one free copy of your Experian report, but you'll also be enrolled in the bureau's credit-monitoring system to the tune of $15 per month. If you order just the free report, you have only seven days to opt out and escape fees. Charles Harris, the site's vice-president of strategic marketing, says credit monitoring and e-mail alerts are worth the price because they help you manage your credit.

But if all you want is a free credit report, you can request a (truly) free copy once a year, under the Free Credit Reporting Act, from Experian and the other two credit bureaus. Go to or call 1-877-322-8228. Get a report every four months and track your credit history over the year. "

Forbes also reported on the same thing but it's not available online.

So don't get suckered in by Mr. FreeCreditReport, AKA French-Canadian actor and lipsyncher Eric Violette (My girlfriend brought to my attention that he is an actor that doesn't even sing the songs). BubbleGum Culture has a funnier diatribe "Watch Your Back, Free Credit Report Guy" 6 months ago that I agree with and don't feel the need to rewrite.

MSNBC also had a good article on the matter.


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