Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Long Delayed Release of Brothers Bloom… and How to Watch the First Seven Minutes Legally

About a year ago, I found a poster for the movie Brothers Bloom, director Rian Johnson's follow up to the criminally under seen Brick, possibly the most intelligent film to ever use high school as its primary backdrop. It was also the film that proved that Joseph Gordon Levitt could really act. That poster has been on my screen at work since that date awaiting the film's release and reminding me everyday that I really want to see the film.

Brothers Bloom was originally scheduled to be released last fall but some bigshot probably decided that it needed a cozy summer blockbuster release in May to get as little attention as possible. Well, I'm not going to let that happen. According to Film Releases, it will open in limited release (probably 5 theatres in NYC, LA, & Austin) in against the Illumanati and Tom Hanks on May 15 and then "expand" (to probably 25 theatres) against Pixar's Up (which I also really want to see) and Sam Raimi's return to normalcy of geeky horror films from Spiderman films Drag Me To Hell. While Up will most certainly wipe the box office floor with all these foes, I implore you to see Brothers Bloom. I'm not saying don't see Up. You can see it, see it in 3D, I will but make sure to try and catch Brothers Bloom in theaters. Support this work because from what I've seen Rian Johnson is a filmmaker worth supporting.

Ok, I'll answer the big question, what's the plot? They call it a globetrotting con man story starring Mark Ruffalo and Adrien Brody as the Brothers trying to pull of a con on some rich broad (Weisz). It may sound formulaic as can be but in the right hands I think it will excel. Are you someone who needs to read a review first? Here's one.

If my pleading, my recommendation, and my guarantee aren't enough, why not watch the first seven minutes excellent narrated by Ricky Jay, the official sleight-of-hand man of the Hollywood kind and frequent collaborator with David Mamet & Paul Thomas Anderson. Jay knows how to get involved with the right people so his involvement should say something. Take a look and I'm sure you'll be convinced (via Hulu):

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