Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I Read Something Updates Apr 29, 2008: A Neo Nazi Palin and more...

I think I'm 5 days late on the swine flu reporting but for some reason this poster had me cracking up. (via Graphicology)

A Neo-Nazi Sarah Palin? (Cinematical) - Filmmaker Eli Roth talks about his role in Tarantino's upcoming B-movie remake (or update if you prefer)/Nazi killing parade Inglorious Basterds. What better way to get a headline than comparing yourself to a Neo Nazi Sarah Palin.

Roth has one sick sense of humor -- so to him there's nothing funnier than the idea that a Jewish filmmaker could inspire legions of Neo-Nazis; telling MTV, "I'm going to, like, resurrect the Nazi party, they are going to make me their Sarah Palin. They will be like, 'We love his movie. But he's a Jew! But it's such a good movie. But a Jew made it!"
A study claims Conservatives Don't Know Colbert is Joking (via HuffingtonPost).

Steven Soderbergh loves Cameron's Avatar. (

Funny Review of the Wawa Soft Pretzel and who's been asking for Pepsi Throwback. I say just stop changing the freaking can so people that like your drink can pick itout of a lineup. Don't forget the review of the one time use toothbrush Cinnamon Wisp (I tried them and it's pretty weird.) (Impulsive Buy)

Time put up a list of Top 10 Troubled Genius Films. I love lists as much as the next person but any list that starts with Good Will Hunting should think of starting a new list. A better list is the Top 10 Mike Tyson Moments.


I also started a tumblr. It will be updated more frequently since it's just quick easy hits I can do in a moments notice so if you want to hear my song of the day or see some random videos and pics. Check it out. I think it's full a quality stuff, some of which I used here.

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