Friday, August 22, 2008

Mike Judge, Gary Glitter, Fred Durst, & Micheal Phelps Moves Back into Sea World... and more...

Mike Judge ("Beavis & Butthead", Office Space) gets another chance make a film to star Bateman & Affleck. A follow up to the overlooked, under publicized, electrolyte-obsessed gem Idiocracy. (Paste)


Gary Glitter, famous for the stadium anthem "Hey!," you know the hey song has been released from jail in Vietnam after three years for "child abuse" and we're not talking about beating his kids. He was refused entry into Hong Kong and Thailand after refusing to return to the UK. But he has left Bangkok to reurn to the UK. They should never write the words Bangkok and Gary Glitter in the same sentence. He looks like a real winner, looks like he grew a rabbit's tale on his chin during his sentence. (BBC)


Did you know there is a
Pimp My Ride video game? And for those worried, Xzibit is included in the final product. Sounds about as infinitely entertaining as Endless Ocean for Wii, a game where you go virtually scuba diving with remote control and that's it. Oh and you can take virtual underwater pictures to share with your virtual friends. Virtually fucking ridiculous! Who pays for this shit? Who buys this shit?

You know that terrible looking piece of sappy inspirational crap where Ice Cube teaches a young girl to be a quarterback? It's called The Longshots and if you had any hopes for it, you might be about to lose them. The film is directed by Fred Durst. Yes that Fred Durst, lead singer of Limp Bizkit (rockin' the set like Russian roulette.) (

Here's some Quickies.

Micheal Phelps Returns To his Tank at Sea World (The Onion)

Usain Bolt = Best Name Ever? (CNBC SportBiz)

My favorite part of the Olympics:

Is Bill Maher's new documentary Religulous "genius?" (

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