Saturday, September 13, 2008

Fox Mulder, Nazis, Charlie Kaufman, DMX & his jail cell, and more...

This one's a little late but amusing nonetheless:

David Duchovny, of X-Files fame, is a sex addict. (Cinematical)

DMX Loves Going to Jail (BBC)

Don't Hate on fantasy sports: A rant against

The New York Giants Nazi Problem?
(Sportsbiz Blog)

Fellow Film Critic Has Physical Altercation with Mute Roger Ebert (Cinemantical)

Tina Fey to Play Sarah Palin on SNL? (Time)

Time Magazine has some questions for Bill O.

Radiohead is working on a In Rainbows follow-up. (Greenplastic)

Micheal Douglas to play Liberace in biopic. (Firstshowing)

New Guitar Hero Goes Indie Rock. (Pitchfork)

Producers of The Office get busy with new Ghostbusters? (Paste)

M.I.A retires and no one cares. I just hope she stays retired better than Brett Favre. (Paste)

Long interview with writer and now director Charlie Kaufman (Wired)

Weird interview of the week. Bill O'Reilly Interviews Obama:

There's another Seinfeld / Bill Gates Commercial. Too bad Vista still sucks:

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