Sunday, August 17, 2008

Bernie Mac, Favre, Radiohead @ All Points West Festival and more...

For once I haven't just been lazy but actually busy. I went to two days of the All Points West Music & Arts Festival which should have been titled Radiohead for two nights and some other bands. Those who know me are very aware of my overt love of Radiohead. My gushing might have been a little more contained in the old Kid A days but I still wholeheartedly believe that their live musical performance, all things considered, (the band, the music, the lighting, et al) is the best live show on the planet.

These two performances proved this point I believe because while they are by far the weakest setlists I've ever seen them perform, very heavy on the much ballyhooed In Rainbows at the expense of their well covered classic masterworks The Bends, OK Computer, and Kid A. But you still can't take your eyes off Thom, Jonny, Colin, Phil and Ed.

Here are the setlists of the two shows.

August 8 Setlist

August 9 Setlist

Sadly, there were few other bands on these days even worth mentioning for their quality of performance. Of course, I didn't see everybody. Not every band can have the amazing stage set up and band tightness of Radiohead.

Andrew Bird had an amazing set covering an array of tracks. His on stage virtuosity on looping the samples that he plays live of his whistling and over laying violin parts along with his beautiful singing make his show a must see for people who truly appreciate the art of watching live music. Besides that, he has to be the music world' best whistler, forget about Peter, Bjorn, and John's "Young Folks."

Also noteworhty was a decent set from CSS and their dance party crew. Kings of Leon were the last to play before Radiohead and did an admiral job, like a My Morning Jacket Jr.

The most disappointing sets of the fest were from Animal Collective and Grizzly Bear. I was really looking forward to Animal Collective and while I did feel the energy, the songs were almost unrecognizable. They were lively and zany but not engaging as I thought. Grizzly Bear had an hour set aside and berely played 35 minutes of average uninspired music from their overhyped but decent album Yellow House.


Stars Pay Tribute to Bernie Mac

Oh yea, Scientologist Isaac Hayes has passed as well.

And Morgan Freeman is in serious condition.

Not a great week to be an African American actor.


Just when I thought Favre was gone, the fucker moves right down the street from me. His new home field as QB of the Jets is approximately 3 miles form my house. I was looking forward to the day when this fucker wouldn't have his own ticker on the ESPN screen. But it will never end. Never. I want to burn that #4 Jersey.

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