Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Rob Zombie's Tyrannosaurus Rex? Greatest Movie Poster Ever? & Tropic Thunder vs. Pineapple Express

I have never watched a movie that would have it's final opening credit as "A Rob Zombie Film." I did used to listen to White Zombie albums in my day. (People forget about Zombie's prodigious music producton as one of the major forces of the mid to late 90's "More Human Than Human", "Super-Charger Heaven", "Living Dead Girl" & "Dragula) Still, I am not one to run out and see movies called House of a 1000 Corpses & The Devil's Rejects.

That said, I may have to see his next film, Tyrannosaurus Rex. I mean look at this poster (via FirstShowing.net).

"Fuck The World" is defintely the best movie tag line I've ever seen on a poster. I might just have to buy this fucker and put it up on the wall. It's like a zombified, blood lusting verision of Fabio-chicklit cover. And that title! Maybe Marc Bolan (long dead lead singer of T-Rex, best known for "Bang The Gong" and my personal favorite "Cosmic Dancer") will make an appearance from the grave.

Speaking of movies to see, late July / early August has become prime R rated comedy time AKA The Judd Apatow Zone. 2008's battle seems to be a doozy. In one corner is Seth Rogen / James Franco long awaited stoner buddy comedy Pineapple Express since it's ridiculously funny five minute segment was released during the winter.

The second is Ben Stiller's return to the directing chair with the making of Rambo / Apocalypse Now / Platoon parody Tropic Thunder. I've mentioned this movie an innumerable amount of times here and I'll try to stop until the movie comes out but let me give you one good reason besides Robert Downey Jr. playing a method actor who pigment's his skin to black soldier.

Even though I haven't been a fan of Stiller's recent work, I trust his directorial efforts. The last film that he directed was Zoolander. Who doesn't love the fuck out of Zoolander? Secondly, this movie is Rated R and if they had to hold it back to a PG-13, I wouldn't trust this movie but studios are getting smarter about this.

R-rated comedies have been killing their PG-13 kiddy-fied counterpart. No need to tame the themes and the language so Stiller and Jack Black can go no holds barred. I feel like I haven't seen Black go no holds barred since Tenacious D. Hopefully, Tropic Thunder will get Jack Black back on an awesomeness track. Plus, Ben Stiller's character name in the film is Tug Speedman. Sweet!

So why did I go through this whole camparison, well Firstshowing.net was lucky enough to see back to back screenings of the two and wrote a MEGA REVIEW comparing the two. If you're wondering if you'll be disappointed I suggest you check it out.

I know I promised some New Orleans vacation and Siren Music fest recap but it will have to wait a few more days. I'm still letting them both sink in for proper reports (or I'm a lazy bitch.)

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