Sunday, July 27, 2008

I Read Something The Other Day - July 27 - My Penis is Made of Dogshit?


Some interesting feature length articles I've read this week:

How Genesis P-Orridge met Jacqueline Breyer and how surgery helped them become the same person.
(Radar Magazine)

Big Bucks in Recycling (Businessweek)

The Mysterious Death of Ice Cream Magnate Carvel (Portfolio Magazine)

And then there is the rest of the week...

The Dark Knight crosses $310 in ten days.

This is getting ridiculous. Maybe Titanic should start getting worried, The Dark Knight is coming for that #1 spot.

Music Review of the Week - The Abortion - My Penis is Made of Dogshit (Coke Machine Glow)

I wouldn't listen to it but I'd sure as hell read a review of it. These are the kind's of songs reviewers dream of getting assigned. The first sentence of the review is "Here is a band who revolutionized the art of being awful."


Crazy Japanese Cycling Event Bribes It's Way into the Olympics
(BBC News)


Oliver Stone's upcoming film is called W., interpreting the history of one George W. Bush and his rise to President. The first trailer with some footage is finally out and looks decent starring Josh Brolin, James Cromwell, Jeffrey Wright, Parker Posey among others.

There is a high quality one up at

Would you like to wear your own Wolverine replica claws?

Russia to produce it's own version of "The Office."

Also coming soon Chile and Canada. I'm not joking.


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