Sunday, July 20, 2008

I Read Something... July 20, 2008

Sorry For the update delay. I've been lazy and on vacation. I visited to New Orleans and the surrounding area for a little less than a week and have plenty of photos and thoughts to
share. Hopefully, I'll get to New Orleans and my recent attendance at the (final?) Siren Music Festival on Coney Island featuring Broken Social Scene, The Helio Sequence, The Dodos and more.


'Dark Knight' has biggest opening ever. (Cinematical)

Because it was the fucking shit. I wasn't giving into the Heath Ledger hype before I saw the film but he blew me away. Although I did have a poster of him as the Joker as my desktop background for the last three months.

There were a few aspects that I found weak. Maggie Gylenhall was surprisingly weak but it has to be expected in the love interest role. In 2008, she was definitely surpassed by Paltrow in Iron Man.

The other surprising part was Christian Bale. He was very underwhelming. He didn't detract from the movie overall but he didn't enhance it. The suit looked weird and ill fitting and his voice disguise just seems awkward. I'll give him a pass on this one after his amazing body of work. Who could forget Patrick Bateman in American Psycho? Or his crazy transformation in The Machinist? He was also quite excellent in the underrated Shaft update, 3:10 to Yuma and the weird Bob Dylan interpretive biopic I'm Not There. He takes challenging roles and seizes them so we'll let an average performance slide.

Christopher Nolan's reinterpretation of Batman has truly invigorated the series. Let's see where they choose to go with villians now because everyone knows that villians are the key to excellence (see X-Men / Spiderman or overcrowding (Batman & Robin anyone?). I don't know how much I was feeling the Two Face action but I do usually love Aaron Eckhart.

Nolan did an amazing job casting excellent actors all around, matching them with a quality script with a different kind of feel then you're average run-of-the-mill superhero movie. Bale, Ledger, Eckhart, and don't forget Morgan Freeman, Michael Caine and of course Gary Oldman. A great cast, a great movie, a great opening and a great accomplishment. Not to overdo it but we should see Ledger's name around Oscar time, it is justified.

DMX in trouble some more?? (BBC News)

For false identity?

Endorsement Deals coming for Josh Hamilton after All Star Game Breakout? (Sportsbiz)

Ten things we'd change about the iPhone 3G (ZDnet)

How to make Yankees announcer voice fill Yankee Stadium forever? (Sportbiz Blog)

NBA 2008 Draft Class Shoe Contract Intrigue. (Sportbiz Blog)


Making of Radiohead's House of Cards video - a video that used no cameras? Watch and learn. I'm pumped to see them in less than two weeks @ the All Points West in Jersey City.

Shannon Doherty in for 90210? (

They must have given her big bucks to take her away from her packed schedule. Now all they need is Jason Priestly and Ian Ziering. She's been in plenty of TV movies and some series called "North Shore"? As long as they bring back the peach pit, everyone will be happy.

And last but not least The Fight for James Brown's estate. (Portfolio Magazine)


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