Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I Read Something,,, June 25

George Carlin has passed. The BBC has a nice obit.

I saw George Carlin as a birthday present from my
Uncle Vic at the State Theater in NJ.

Here's Mr. Carlin on Religion:


On a happy note, I went to an amazing once in a lifetime show of Sigur Ros at the MoMA. What was expected to be a 30-45 minute preview of their new album turned into a 90 minute plus free for all of amazingness highlighting just about everyone of of their best songs. Have you ever heard of a cream dream?

Did I mention it cost $18 dollars and there was an unlimited supply of Grolsch beer and assorted sponsored liquor drinks which is probably the greatest deal in the history of concerts?

They said during the show that it was kind of in honor of Icelandic independence day, even though that country hasn't been attached to any other continents in a long time. It was also in honor of the Icelandic artist Olafur Eliasson who had a special exhibit on display at the museum.

The band also played some amazing song off their unspellable and unpronouncable album, með suð í eyrum við spilum endalaust. I got the album a few days and I can't stop listening to it. It is such an unexpected treat, just because of how divergent it is from some of their previous work, and even if you haven't been able to stand their previous words, try this one. I can't believe I can now say that Sigur Ros has made a perfect summer driving album. Right below, you can stream to the whole album here.

The first single off the album has a crazy video that is, as the kids say, NSFW because naked people are running around in the peppiest song of the band's career. It's more psychedelic pop than their standard atmospheric musical genius.


Barbie's gone Hitchcockian!
(Nerd Approved)

And the bird is going for the cooch.


Best Giant Movie ad ever! (Cinematical)

Link Party
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Are the Bee Gees the future of reunion? (BBC)

How Cheap Should Beer Be (how Fenway charges 60 cents per ounce of beer!)?

Paul Walker and Vin Diesel reunite for Fast & the Furious 4. They were both very busy.(Cinematical)


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