Thursday, November 01, 2007

Is Josh Brolin the Lucky Charm for 2007?

How busy is Josh Brolin?

He seemed to be headed for B-movie paradise but some big time directors have cast him in some big time parts in real Oscar contenders. I never thought he was a bad actor, he was never in any really good movies. Well, he did start his career in
The Goonies.

He has had two major roles in-the-running Oscar films.
Crash writer/director Paul Haggis' follow up, In The Valley of Elah, an somber and sobering film about a soldier who has been mysteriously murdered after returning from war. Tommy Lee Jones plays a restrained but willful former soldier who goes to the base to figure out what happened. Brolin is a local police boss who has to navigate territorial spiffs between the Army investigators and his own force.

Brolin is a bit more sadistic and flashy, with a strong supporting role as a crooked NYC cop in
American Gangsters. Outside of Denzel and Crowe, he has the strongest and most memorable performance in the movie.

Then there is his headlining performance in my most anticipated film of the year,
No Country For Old Men, a Coen Brothers Film. The Coen Brothers return to their suspenseful roots of Blood Simple for what is widely being hailed as a truly amazing film. I can't wait to fucking see this movie.

I think I've put this preview up before but it's worth it again to just see the true evil that emanates from Javier Bardem:

More: Josh Brolin arrives in No Country For Old Men(Newsday)


The only other movie that comes close to No Country For Old Men in my expectation level is Paul Thomas Anderson's new film, There Will Be Blood. Anytime Daniel Day Lewis makes a film, it seems to be an event and more than likely a film actually worth your time going to the theater to see.

There Will Be Blood Preview:


A few other interesting tidbits. A new Broken Lizard comedy troupe film is on the way with the plot line, Glengarry Glen Ross but comedic and in a restaurant. Interesting. (Cinematical) They're making a new X-Files Movie. Gillian Anderon and Duchovny's career plans never really panned out as they hoped. Although Duchovny has kicked it up a notch in my book since he's been starring in "Californication" on Showtime.

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