Sunday, December 02, 2007

Why Did INTERPOL (the law enforcement agency and not the band) stop my blogging?

I know I haven't posted in about a month but I have been busy working, this is the hellish times for those in online retail. Yet I can't help but ponder the connection between this non-writing and a major loss in my life. I'm wondering if my writing rut has come from a loss of new music in my life from the sudden loss of one of the greatest tools for music lovers . If you know what it is, either you have found a mediocre replacement or feeling that same void.

I don't want to speak of it for fear of crazy ass threats and prosecution but I miss the daily top 19. The most popular fresh new stuff was at my fingertips at all times. Now I'm lost. I no longer check the music blogs for things to addictively download and collect on my hard drive. But no with it's loss, instead of going out and "buying" music, I'm just ignoring music across the board. It's kind of weird.

Anyway, here's a couple of links. I'm going to try and get up a film review type thing up this week. It's a comparison of
Hitman with No Country for Old Men. I will try to be motivated and update semi-frequently so check back here and there so I know that I'm not yelling into a black hole. Artists and writers might say they don't care if anyone sees, hears or sees their work. They make it because it has to be made. But they are lying.


Be Kind Rewind, starring Jack Black & Mos Def and under the direction of Michel Gondry (Eternal Sunhine... etc) is on its way and it has a crazy website worth checking out.


A soldier figured out his wife was cheating on him by finding a Mii on his Wii. (
The Register)


Some kid figured out how to keep beer ice cold without the ice melting in the beer.


I saw Andrew Bird at Beacon Theater this week and he was quite magnificent even though I was possibly the most exhausted moment in my life. Brooklyn Vegan has some stuff on the show, no sense in repeating it here. What I will say is that this man is one crazy talented motherfucker to be reckoned with and that I highly suggest you attend any performance of his you can.

As an aside, Beacon might be the best music venue to see anything. It brought to my ind the greatest night of my life to this point still. Radiohead, 5th row live at Beacon. It's one thing I can thank MTV for because it was a two dollar bill and I will be forever grateful to AZ and his graciousness with providing me a ticket even though I was on vacation when they went on sale.

Enjoy this video, "Idioteque" by Radiohead at that Beacon performance:

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