Tuesday, October 09, 2007

More Stuff to Read

I'm getting lazier and lazier. It's very beneficial. Here is some interesting stuff worth taking a gander.

Why You Should Eat Ice Cream Every Day by Ricky Henderson (Esquire)

Keifer Sutherland Goes to Jail (TV Squad)

Nine Reasons Why Ryan From The Office is a Villain (TV Squad)

New Beirut Album is Recommended by Pitchfork (and me) (Pitchfork)

The Worst Lyricists Ever

One of my old favorite shows, 'Cupid', might be coming back

New Borat Book? (Maxim)

E from the Eels Might be Writing a Memoir (Eels the Band)

I can't believe Anthony Kiedus is only #40. Scott Stapp is well represented at #3. I can believe Sting is #1.

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