Tuesday, October 16, 2007

DIfferent Ways of Covering The Radiohead Album...

Here's an interesting rundown of Radiohead's latest release. An album released to the public digitally only. And the band said to the world, "Download it and pay what you like." Here's a nice little collection of some of the articles about the release from marketing to reviews to analysis etc.

Esquire gives a track by track worth

Pitchfork's Fan Reactions

Pitchfork's Own Review

Metacritic Assembles the Reviews to Average to 88

Radiohead Anti-Marketing Campaign Analysis on DoshDosh

A pal of mine's take on the situation

Personally, I found the album a bit anti-climactic since I had seen or heard at least half the album in one way or another through live or previous b-side versions. At first listen, I found the album in the 7 range. But I did listen at work with much office and telephone distraction. 4 days later I sat down with my Ipod and listened in full opening to close note and as a whole , it's a beautiful work. It's no OK Computer or Kid A. It's on par with Hail to the Thief but like all intense works, it does need some more time to percolate in my mind.

But I still do thank Thom, Jonny, Colin, and Phil for releasing this out on to the world. It is a true gift to the world no matter what. And I personally think they just added another notch to their belt in the revolution of the music industry and music as a whole.

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