Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The Senate Candidate with a "Chronic" Condition

In Honor of Election Day, let me introduce the future President of America, Edward” Forchion AKA “NJWEEDMAN, Senate Candidate of the LMP (Legalize Marijuana Party), self proclaimed dissident and "former" political prisoner. It's also true that if Election Day was on April 20, it's likely this man would be too busy to vote.

NJ Weedman's homepage is expertly crafter and very much worth a visit. It's a very interesting site that invites you to "Please take a puff and check out my site." And that "This is a huge site started in 1997. I never delete anything. From this page you can link to my last 4 homepages. This site is clearly a anti-drug war site and shows how the "war on drugs" is seen thru the eyes of a non-christian African-American."

Here you can donate $4.20 plus $2 shipping or more as a donation and recieve a mailed copy of his theme song. (This is a theme song I'd like to hear.) You can also become his friend on Myspace, YouTube, Facebook. (He must be registered as a University of Amsterdamreceivingng his doctorate in Marine Biology I believe.)

He is also hainvg a raffle in return for donations to his compaign, so he can run ads on cable. Here are the details, which are available available with images here:

'The Cannabis Consuming Communities first ever "420 REEFER RAFFLE'

To raise money for his 2006 Senatorial campaigne “njweedman is holding a 420 Reefer Raffle. The grand prize is 2oz of Hydropontically grown Jersey Haze” a $800.oo street value. Minium donation is $4.20 but your more than welcome to donate more. The proceeds of this Raffle” will go directly to paying for “political ad ’son comcast cable”. A minium of $1,600.oo has to be raised or all moneies will be returned.

The Raffle will be held on Election day and the winner posted here a few days later, after the winner has safely received his "prize". The winner will be asked how he wants to receive his prize - U.S. mail is not a option! (5 years for using the mail)

All persons donating will be put in the Raffle.

P.S. If you want to donate a little weed to increase the "POT" contact me directly at: - or call me (609) 509-0133 becarefull what you say on the phone I don't want to hang-up on anyone.

I'm sure some-one will call the police about this "Raffle" so for the record: Fuck the Police!"

This is the only Senator that gives out his personal number and is probably a good number to have if you're in Central Jersey and in a pinch. This guy has a cause and a message he believes in. I wish all politicians were as blunt as him. Although, he really should probably give his site a basic spellcheck.

Hee's the most important part of this blog post: an amazing segment from, of all places, The Glenn Beck show centered around Mr. Fillion.

You can also watch a video of him lighting up a joint in public and blowing the smoke in a cop's face.

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