Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Invincible, The Greatness of Past Marky Mark Wahlbergian Acting

I had a migraine this morning. A very bad one. I threw up some kind of acidic liquid. I'm not sure where it came from. Work for 20 minutes. Acidic vomit. Repeat. Till noonish. Lunchtime. Then Dunkin' Donuts. All cured.

A good afternoon and then somehow I ended up seeing Invincible. Not sure why. The how was by way of '87 Buick Century to the overpriced run down, yet in good location theater. People go to the Route 4 Tenplex and it's not for the subpar moviegoing experience, the sticky floor and that indescribable mix of baby vomit and moldy nacho cheese. So it was there that I was putting myself to the test.

What test you might ask? I'm not one much for the sappy Disneyfied-Jerry Bruekheimer sports movies. The tugging heart strings of the PG rated boring RRemember the Titans, Coach Carter, Miracle and Glory Road. I can deal with Rudy.

So in this tradition of the little guy inspiring a whole neighborhood or city or sport or country comes Invincible. Marky Mark is Vince Papale, a 30 year old living during the recession of the 70s, trying to make ends meet. Blah blah blah. He decides to go to an open try out for the Eagles. It sounds awful. It's not Wahlberg of I Heart Huckabees. He goes back to his Dirk Diggler mode but sporty. He's got the Dirk Diggler hair and outfits. There was one thing that Wahlberg doesn't do. He doesn't do facial hair. According to the movie, 9 out of 10 people have facial hair. Not just a little thing. Some full, thick stache, preferably handlebar and a scruffy beard.

And what about the movie? Honestly, it was good. Nothing is specifically spectacular, and you know the heart tugging ploys about 5 minutes before they happen but they get you with a strong ensemble of friends and a sad, family history especially Kirk Acevedo as the supporting and smart Tommy as well as excellent character actor Kevin Conway as Wahlberg's downtrodden dad. He does it for them. Wahlberg always looks like he is trying really hard. It looks like he is really having a problem going to the bathroom. That is the Wahlbergian acting principle.

So, after a bad morning, it was too bad of an early evening. Then I finally saw Billy Wilder's classic, the original film noir Double Indemnity. Lots of detective type, mysterious 40s jive. So smooth, so good.

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