Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Conflicting Health News Side to Side, Thanks For Getting to the Bottom of This AOL Health

Looking at the world famous AOL Health homepage, something I do everyday, you can find the latest scientific revelations, side by side with study that scientifically proves the exact opposite.
Today, there were 2.

One argument is coffee:
Wed Md's Coffee may trigger heart attack


Business 2.0's Curing Cellulite with Coffee - Read this if you want to know why "
Caffeinated lingerie is gaining speed in the high-octane market for skin care."

Then there is the the great Tylenol Debate. Duhnt Duhnt dunnn. The Ingeniously titled table : Tylenol Take it or not?

Tylenol Can Cause Liver Problems

On the Other Hand: Tylenol Prevents Ovarian Cancer

I have a liver but no ovaries so this is an easy one.

Remember AOL Health doesn't take sides or help you at all from your good friends at AOHell (I used to love that joke when I was in sixth grade... still funny.)

Remember to put in your two cents by voting in highly very scientific Jumpin' Java poll:

Will you change your coffee habits?
A. Yes! I will increase to 10 cups daily
B. I'm cutting it out completely
C. I don't pay attention to studies

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