Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Sports Quote of the Day

Too bad I don't get a chance to listen to Jim Rome more often because even those his callers are completely moronic, he has a good diatribe more often than not.

Today's focus was on the new Vikings related Sex Scandal of a player getting caught having sex in a stairwell. This is not good especially after the highly publicized Love Boat Scandal, where a group of VIkings fornicated all over a boat with an unsuspecting and mindblown crew that caused multiple arrests and for a bunch of players to be run out of town. To paraphrase Rome:

"Do we need to tell the Vikings players to not have sex? I live in LA and even I know where these players shouldn't be having sex.

Don't have sex in the street. Don't have sex in a mall. And don't have sex at home plate at a Twins game."

Ruined it with the buildup didn't I? Oh well.

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