Saturday, February 05, 2011

Kevin Smith Likes to Eat, Make Movies, Talk, and Get Paid.

Would you pay to $150 bucks to watch the new Kevin Smith movie and then stay for an 5 hour chat? Well, somebody must be willing since that seems to be the going rate. Smith went to Sundance with his self-financed horror project Red State with no distributor. The film,

"about a gay-hating minister (Michael Parks) who goes on a blood-drenched rampage against an equally murderous squad of federal agents, with some sex-crazed teens stuck in the middle. In addition to Red State being a film about a cult, Smith also announced plans to leverage his own cult-fanbase to break out of the studio distribution system and put the film out there for audiences on his own. Though Smith had promised via Twitter he would auction the film to a  distributor live from the stage after the premiere, it turned out to be a joke. When the auction started, he immediately “bought” the $4 million movie himself for $20..." (EW)

Smith is a very interesting guy. He's likable and has a sense of humor about himself. Too bad, his recent track record is littered with rubbish and turds. After taking the studio cash to make the bomb Cop Out, he is now attempting to re-christen himself as an filmmaking maverick, an outsider and a crusader. He is also too fat to fly Southwest.

Good luck Kev. Me and my unemployed, aspiring filmmaking brethren salute you for your gaul and are jealous that your events will probably sell out. I'll just enjoy the Evening with Kevin Smiths on my shelves that I bought used when West Coast Video was going out of business.

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