Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Fixing Something That Was Not Broken: How to Fix the New IMDB (and revert it back to how it used to be)?

Does the new IMDB bother you with clutter and too much information? IMDb was made to be a database of information adn their attempt to make it more peppy by adding more photos and the "Known For" section for each person listed. It is bothersome

If you use Google Chrome, as you should if you want the fastest/most-streamlined web browser and least buggy browser in my opinion, add the extension Less IMDb and you will have your wish. It streamlines the information when you go on an IMDb-a-thon (clicking on associated names from one movie to another leading to chains of actors like a reverse Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon). So then you can get right to the information you were looking for, namely "who the fuck is that actor and where do I know him from?"

A helpful tidbit I hope.

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