Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Nicholas Cage Tries to Stop People from Eating Sbarro's

Any chance to getting a Bangkok Dangerous Nicholas Cage Style in a post, I must use it. That name, so terrible that a it seems to have been translated by an ESL student, that hair, and the bullet holes in a some sort of Nicholas Cage force field. What a terrible movie.

I was coming out of a concert at radio city, a very worthwhile special concert companion to a recent benefit album called "Dark Was The Night" (NYT review of the show), walking towards Port Authority in midtown NYC when we ran into an assortment of cops and production assistants waving people away. Rumors swelled through the crowd and the basic information was that they were shutting down a few blocks of the busiest real estate in the world to film a new Nicholas Cage movie. I wish I had to the energy to stick around and spy on it. (Sadly, my camera battery was dead so I couldn't take some shots of the fake construction cone rigged with a smoke machine that is mandatory in any NYC street scene in a movie.)

I had forgot all about it till I did the movie blog scan and stumbled upon a set report from I Watch Stuff. Now I really wish I would have stuck around because according to the post:

A movie chase scene got too realistic early today when a car jumped a curb during a film shoot and smashed into the entrance of a Times Square restaurant, injuring two people, police and witnesses said.

The action scene gone awry unfolded at the Sbarro at 47th Street and Seventh Avenue shortly before 1 a.m.

Street closing notices posted by the police indicated the shoot was for the Nicolas Cage film, "The Sorcerer's Apprentice."

Dang, I missed it by about an hour. IWantStuff had a nice little observation that I have to concur with while chuckling:

"Oh, good, Jerry Bruckheimer and National Treasure-director Jon Turteltaub managed to squeeze a high-speed Ferrari chase into The Sorcerer's Apprentice. Sounds like they might have slightly tweaked the original 1797 Goethe poem. Who would have thought?"

Even better there's video from the New York Post. Yes that's Nicolas Cage as the beggar with the long gray hair. Enjoy!

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