Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Spiderman: The Musical & Samuel L. Jackson is REALLY Old

They have some real inventive geniuses over on Broadway. Take a movie and make it a musical (see Billy Elliott & Shrek). Ta da!

The BBC, lead reporter of upcoming musical stories (most recently the life story of Marilyn Monroe, Michael Jackson's Thriller), has gotten the goods on the revolutionary breakthrough in musical theatre, Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark. Directed by Julie Taymor, an experienced stage director (Lion King) who has also made films such as Across The Universe, Frida, & Titus is slated to bring Spidey to the Great White Way.

But the best part of Turn Off the Dark, is the creative team behind the music and lyrics? Who better than the sun glassed one himself and his knit-capped palsy Bono & The Edge of U2. I'm pretty sure the play is going to end with a ensemble rendition of "Beautiful Day."

Just to add to the ridiculousness, it only makes sense that this would be the most expensive play in Broadway history. The BBC is reporting that "The show is reportedly the most expensive Broadway production ever, costing $40m (£27.6m)"

With it's recent Oscar win, Can "Slumdog Millionaire: The Musical" be far behind?


In other Hollywood ridiculousness of overexposure, Samuel L. Jackson has turned a small cameo as Nick Fury into a nine picture deal or as a Cinematical headline proclaims, "Samuel L. Jackson Signs With Marvel Until the End of Time." Jackson truly is an ageless wonder. This is not the type of contract that the normal 60 year-old man signs. I doubt anyone would guess Jackson is 60 (and has been in over 120 movies already in his lifetime) but even if he's in 2 movies a year to fullfill this contract, he'll be eligible for his pension when he's done.

Seth Rogen is writing and starring in the new Green Hornet with Kung Fu Hustle's Stephen Chow as Kato. Chow was also supposed to direct but dropped out. Interestingly enough, this comic book revamp seems to have been put into the hands of Eternal Sunshine's Michel Gondry. With this addition, Green Hornet
easily becomes the most interesting comic book adaptation currently in development.

Oh... and thanks to Michael Cera, the fucking Arrested Development is ONNNN!

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