Saturday, October 18, 2008

I Read Something Bits (10/18/08): Will Ferrell on Broadway, Jeter Loves Steroids & Obama a T-Balling Fiend?

As I sit here watching Texas vs. Missouri football game, the cameras have flashed to Derek Jeter hanging out on the sidelines with the previously in hibernation, Longhorn State lover & roasted in front of the Congress 'roider Roger Clemens. So I assume Jeter backs the use of performance enhancing drugs. Guess he's not so perfect. Funny that the night the ALCS is going on in Boston, Jeter is hanging out at a college football game. It's funny, very funny.

Random Stuff

Will Ferrell to play George W. Bush on Broadway? (Variety)

Bee Gees Can Save Your Life? (BBC)

Mediscs say "Stayin' Alive" is an ideal beat for performing CPR. I knew the Gibbs were musical geniuses.

Seth Rogen to Star in Cancer Comedy (Paste)


The Obama Zone

Future President Obama Under Fire For Playing T-Ball. (The Onion)

Obama Draws Crowd of 100,000 For Political Rally, Breaks Record (Time)

Christopher Buckley (Author of Thank You For Smoking & Boomsday) is Fired for Backing Obama (The Daily Beast)

He was fired from the conservative magazine The National Review which his father founded.

A New Political Drug:

And don't forget Angry McCain:



The San Diego Padres to trade their best player by far, Jake Peavy, as I cry in my corner while punching a whole in the wall. More on this later.

Schlereth Gets Angry on ESPN:

John Clayton AKA the GloWorm farts during an interview on ESPN:

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