Monday, May 05, 2008

I Read Something... May 4, 2008

A cellphone made of tapioca? (BusinessWeek)

Wouldn't that be a little gooey?


Michael Crea (Superbad) seems to be the comedic actor that has really boosted his profile from viral, wacky online. Here is a great segment he filmed on the "The MIchael Showalter Showalter" (I didn't repeat that by mistake)

And don't his breakthrough performance as Alexander Hamilton in the hysterical Youtube series called "Drunk History", history retold by a drunk guy:


The Must Watch - The Latest Batman Trailer in HD (WhySoSerious?)

Is there any that a person can look forward to this summer?


Anchorman 2? (Cinematical)

And lastly here's Apple new "i":

(via CollegeHumor)

I'm not one to make fun of someone else's religious customs since my own Jewish customs can be construed as quite ridiculous but this one is quite unbelievable (Reuters):



kate said...

what no credit for drunk history? also, you misspelled cera and the apple thing was funny.

Joe S. said...

i give full credit for drunk history to kate and that apple thing is very funny... at least for nerds