Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I Read Something... Apr 23

Uber producer JJ Abrams of Lost and Alias fame says Cloverfield is better when "seen at home." (BBC Entertainment)

Personally, I have to say it's better to have never seen it at all. One of the worst film's I've seen in years, should come with a barf bag and a self destruct button for the DVD when you get frustrated watching this piece of shit.

Abrams continues: "The movie is like a videotape. It lives on your TV. In many ways, it is supposed to be viewed on a monitor."That sounds a huge load a bullshit. Fuck you Abrams and you're piece of shit vomit inducing, over-hyped waste of time.


According to IMDB, Network TV is "abandoning primary coverage" :

"Local stations in Pennsylvania are expected to air brief live cut-ins throughout the night, but Corrie Harding, news director of NBC affiliate WPXI-TV, vowed during an interview with the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, "We'll really try hard not to mess up people's Law & Order: SVU experience." Not messing up SVU will make my girlfriend very happy.


Thanks to Kate for this gem, possibly the greatest 80's as seen on TV ad ever, THE MUSIC VEST.


What is the perfect casting for a GI Joe Movie? If you said The Rock and Brendan Fraser, your dream may be coming true.

One question: I know that The Rock can be funny, engaging and can kick ass but why does Brendan Fraser continue to be employed, I'd rather see Billy Zane in anything than to see Fraser. Did you SEE The Phantom?

Listen to your masked friend, Billy Zane, he's a cool dude. The Phantom was ten time better than The Mummy or it's ten sequels will ever be. Brendan Fraser hasn't made a good movie since With Honors with the great Joe Pesci as a Walt Whitman incarnate. Anyone else remember Madonna's hit single from the soundtrack? Man, my memory is terrific sometimes.


I want a Wii Fit ASAP.

The Scarlett Johansson Tom Waits cover album is intriguing. One because she's hot and second because I think she might be able to actually do it alright. An I'm hoping she'll tour so I can see her live. Maybe Jessica Alba can open for her doing solo Radiohead covers.


For the first time ever witness Jerry O'Connell actually being funny in ths fantastic spoof of the Tom Cruise Scientology Video:

"For me it's all about KFC."

There's also that funny PSA parody about sexual harassment in the workplace with that chick from Heroes, a show I have never watched.

These are both from FunnyorDie via Cinematical.

One more Funnyordie video of Will Ferrell doing president bush on the Night of Too Many Stars benefit.

This one is from my new favorite daily video link blog, The Slate Magazine "Did You See This? Blog"


Have a wonderful Wednesday.

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