Monday, February 18, 2008

I Read Something Feb 18 - Aramis Ramirez Loves Cock...fighting, Roger Clemens, Smurfs, Mike Myers makes a movie

Best Week Ever's Possible "Radiohead Greatest Hits" Cover (Best Week Ever)

Baseball Player Aramis Ramirez say he's "dedicated to Cock Fighting."
(AOL Sports)

Aramis Ramirez of the Cubs was featured in a Cock fighting magazine (where do I get my subscription?) as a dedicated raiser of fighting cocks. This one is an early contender for article title of the year.

CGI "Smurfs" Movie? (Cinematical)

Fox Picks Up 'Human Tetris' (AOL)

I'll watch it.

Did you know Mike Myers makes movies not called Shrek? Look at that mustache and his karma is huge. The Love Guru is coming June 20.

Sports Guy Answers O.J. vs. Clemens (ESPN)

"My favorite part of the day (in Congress) was the way Jose Canseco's 1998 pool party was hashed and rehashed to the point it felt like it was becoming a significant historical event along the lines of Abe Lincoln's last play and the Cuban missile crisis."

Depp, Law and Farrell in Gilliam's Parnassus
(Comingsoon via Ain't It Cool)

Normally, three guys don't jump into the middle of the movie but normally a film's star (Heath Ledger) doesn't die during production. These three men will jump in to fill in the holes left by Ledger. It's an interesting idea and I think Gilliam might even make it a blessing.

Indy 4 Trailer Goes Online

And it's not bad. But do all these 4th in a series movies have to do the I'm getting too old for this shit stuff.

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