Tuesday, September 18, 2007

I Read Something... 9/18

Don't worry your little head. Fred Durst is still alive and won't be going to jail.

According to the BBC:

"Limp Bizkit singer Fred Durst has been given a suspended 120-day jail sentence after he allegedly hit two people with his car on purpose.

Durst, 37, pleaded no contest to seven charges, including assault, battery and reckless driving, at a court hearing in Los Angeles last month."

Suspended setence for hitting 2 people on purpose and 7 charges. This judge is on top of his game. I hope for OJ's sake this judge moves to Vegas quickly.

It wasn't three years ago I saw the band Man Man in what is equivalent to a medium sized living room in Princeton. From then on, I told all that would listen that Man Man is one of the best bands around, recorded Captain Beefheart/ Frank Zappa type craziness and even more ridiculous performance. Well, it seems an old but tiring favorite Modest Mouse will be bringing Man Man back out on tour with them. Might be worth seeing. They were awesome when I saw them live at the free show in McCarren Pool in Brooklyn this summer. (Pitchfork)

But just like the Liars opening for Interpol, It now seems to cost a fortune to see any band you like because they are opening at the oversized overpriced venues especially in the music mecca of New York City. But along with that anger, you do get to see just about any tour that is touring in the world at one point.

McLovin from Superbad has a possibly awesome follow follow up with a role in the next film directed by David Wain (Wet Hot American Summer, TV's The State and Stella. Way to go McLovin! (Cinematical)

The only reality show that I have ever watched consitently is Hell's Kitchen, just becuase of the loud-mouthed, prick of a Brit Chef Gordon Ramsay. I may have to add another one to my list with his new show Kitchen Confidential, another BBC reality series import, where Ramsay tells restaurant owners how shitty their pride and joy is. (TV Squad)

Besides reading some blogs and papers and trying to schedule appointments for TV and Internet installation at my soon-to-be-inhabited new apartment, I have been really enjoying some new shows I never got into before. The Showtime block of Weeds and Californication is magical. I was previously a sporadic weeds watcher but this new season has been a maniacal mixture of surrealism, political commentary, and one of the Olsen twins who is a Jesus freak with a hankering to smoke and get in touch with her spiritual side.

Californication has that surreal element to it. It is a Californian character mentality in both shows where even the biggest problems don't last long and strife moves on humrously but realistic, if not a bit overboard. In last week's Califonication, the main character Hank Moody (X-Files' David Duchovny) meets a hippie-ish unnamed women who porks him just like every other women he meets in the show, but when he awakes in the morning, she has taken his prized Vinyl LPs and electric guitar. He is upset over it but probably assumes it's just another story he can keep in mind as he works on a long awaited book. Hank is famous author who has taken quite a while to write a follow up and so he blogs instead. Hah!

But of course in a ridiculous turn of TV events, this hippie returns with all the stuff in hand the next night. She felt bad and needed more Duchovny lovin. There is never enough to go around. I could do without seeing his ass anymore. Is Duchovny that irresistible to the ladies? I'd find that surprising. But this role seems perfect for his dry, monotone delivery and the sarcasm, wit, and dirty mouth of an interesting author that if he really existed I'd like to read. He's like a modern day Bukowski moved into the Los Angeles creative community. The show wins you over with the, the wit and the frivolity of it all. If you have Showtime, you should consider giving Californication a try. Or download. I'm sure the torrent is out there.

One last thought:
I think Spelling Bees are even more impressive now that people don't even care to learn how to spell words. They just use spell check. Spell check makes people like myself dumber, while making us seem smarter by easily cleaning up the mistakes without even having to think of it. Even though half the words I write don't seem to be in the spell check dictionary so I ignore the red squiggly lines anyway.

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