Friday, July 13, 2007

The World Series of Weird Al

Watching the new season of "The World Series of Pop Culture" got me onto a Weird Al YouTube binge. What spurred it on? A Weird Al category of questions of course. The host read the Weird Al Lyrics ina monotone voice and the contestant had to give the name of the real song that was being parodied.

The ridiculous thing is that nearly every Weird Al video I watched had multi-million views. I guess I'm not the only YouTube Yankovic binger. The ebay video that isn't even an official video has something like 13 million views. So I tried to make my first playlist with some actual items tied together and I think it came out pretty well. I would say don't watch them all but once you pop the Weird Al, the fun don't stop.

There's a mesh of his first live appearance, the popular anime videos that are weirdly enchanting and synched to the song, and some of the best of Weird Al's actual videos like "Eat It," Bedrock Anthem," and his new Polka Song which starts with Black Eyed Peas and doesn't stop being funny. Yes Weird Al is still making albums and he still looks like my dad. Although I like Weird Al a lot more.

Whoomp, there he is.

Now enjoy Joe's Weird Al-apalooza:

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