Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Wednesday Tidbits: Cactus Buildings, Chad Kroeger, The Riches, Powerpoint, Silverchair

I apologize for the lack of updates but that carpal tunnel has been kicking in. I have been working on writing some actual reviews this week. The new Modest Mouse album which is the #1 selling album in the country. Never thought I'd ever say that no matter how many American Idol and car commercials "Float On" was on.

Chad Kroeger and Sinbad

Everyone's favorite lead singer of a 9 time crowned Juno Award winner (the Canadian equivalent to the Grammys) was arrested at a strip club. Of course, it's Nickelback's Chad Kroeger. No word on what sexual orientation the strip club is or if they allow pets.

Nickelback's Wikipedia has been locked to prevent further postings on the demise of Mr. Kroeger or his newly un-deceased boyfriend Sinbad.

If you missed it Wikipedia has a sum up of the fuckup,

March 10, 2007, Sinbad's managers began receiving phone calls of condolence, after people began hearing unsubstantiated rumors of Sinbad's death. Hundreds contacted his managers and production studio, including Lionel Richie.This rumor spread to the online encyclopedia Wikipedia on March 14, 2007, when his biography was edited by an anonymous user to include the claim of his death. The incorrect information was soon removed, but a fan spreading the initial rumor included a link to the old (and incorrect) revision of the article."

Note: Sinbad was kicked out of the Air Force for he was eventually ejected for parking his car in the wrong position."

While searching for "Nickelback award" on Google, I found the best title for a Nickelback article that can exist,
Why the Nickelbacklash?

The Cactus Building

In Rotterdam, Netherlands this
Cactus Building is being built. There are other cities in the Netherlands besides Amsterdam.

The Riches

You should really be watching
The Riches on FX at 10 PM Monday Nights. Eddie Izzard and Minnie Driver show new acting life by shedding their Accents in favor of portraying gypsies from the South. I've caught up on the first three episodes and I'm pretty hooked.


"Australian researchers have proven that PowerPoint actually makes it harder to absorb information during a presentation." (Thank You

I haven't made one of these since 7th grade and it makes perfect sense to me. People aren't used to watching moving images without commercials. Maybe if you put commercials in the Powerpoint presentations so people can grab snacks and take a mental break, then it would be effective. I feel a lawsuit form Microsoft coming on.


is back after releaseing their greatest hits. This one is called Young Modern and it's #1 on Itunes. The world has gone batshit crazy.


- The guys in Silverchair are 27 and their greatest hits were released when they were approximately 25 after 4 albums. Cashing in a bit early aren't we kids. What's next? When is The Collected Works of Justin Timberlake released? The 'NSYNC demos are amazing I'm sure.

- There are conflicting reports that state both Jack Black and Kyle Gass of Tenacious D claim that Silverchair owns the
Pick Of Destiny. (see and Wikipedia Silverchair Trivia.

You have got to be fucking kidding me. To top it all of the cover of Young Modern is obviously inspired by one of the most overrated and untalented artists of the 20th century, Piet Mondrian. This fucker and his stupid gemoetrical colored spaces. I don't fucking get it.

This Blog post was written while listening to Tom Waits'

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