Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Quote of The Day: Dan Patrick

They Euthanized Barbaro. Why not Barry Bonds?"
- Dan Patrick on "The Dan Patrick Show" ESPN Radio Jan 30, 2006

Dan Patrick (pictured with Will Ferrell) is a middle aged man who has a drive time radio show on ESPN Radio that he sometimes co-hosts with ex-Sportscenter co-anchor now MSNBC Countdown Keith Olberman host.
His show is often amusing and usually has a lot of quality guests ans segments including a funny segment that peers into a Barry Bonds' diary.

During a discussion on Bonds, talk of Bonds signing a new contract came up.D an Patrick made this statement, that some would consider in bad taste, in regard to the effort of many baseball fans who wish they could stop Barry Bonds from inevitably breaking Hank Aaron's much-ballyhooed record that some hold sacred.

Euthanasia is an interesting way to reference Bonds' much perceived drug use in achieving this monumental achievement. Olberman insinuated that the drugs that were used to put Barbaro down, the much talked about Kentucky Derby winning horse, might do the opposite and help Bonds hit more home runs.

I find the quote pretty funny due to my dark humor sensibilities, but I would think many would find this appalling but then again, maybe people think Bonds deserves the fate of a horse that America seemed to fall in love with for no apparent reason. Please don't tell me it's because of Barabaro's great personality or perseverance. I'm sure he's not the only horse who "wanted to live."

Personally, I wish Mr. Ed was at the press conference to lighten the mood a little. You sparked one listener's mind today Mr. Patrick if nothing else. Congratulations.

Sidenote: There is an interesting article about Barbaro on Slate called: How come Barbaro never sired a foal? / Did They Save Barbaro's Semen?

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