Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Robin Williams Walks Away from a Hypothetical Masterpiece (And It's Not Patch Adams 2)

not much energy to arrange any original thoughts tonight.

I read a few movie tidbits tonight... all from cinematical.

Number one: interestingly enough, one of the top actors in my book Don Cheadle will be directing and starring in an upcoming biopic of Miles Davis.

Numero dos: Live Free or Die Hard, not a movie about Bon Jovi but the fourth film in the Die Hard, will have its trailer premiere with some showings this weekend of Blood Diamonds.

Yes, that's though one with Leonardo DiCaprio talking it in a south African accent. you know the political movie with the kidnapped kid and what have you. If Live Free or Die Hard looks anything like Rocky 6, count me in. next they will merge Rambo with Bruce Willis' depressed hitman character from The Whole Nine/Ten Yards. Sounds like a buddy comedy waiting to happen. maybe even an Arnold can take a break and bring back of The Terminator.

Number three: I'm sad to be the one to tell you this what Robin Williams has dropped out of Mrs. Doubtfire 2. Some kind of feud over script quality. All three of you, I'm sure, are sorely disappointed.

note: I did this post with voice recognition software. Easier then I thought.

watched Nip/Tuck tonight, a little to too tidy for my liking. But next week's season finale seems pretty interesting.

in a few days, space I'll give an update about the Brian Jonestown Massacre show I saw a few days ago. This time they actually played a show, for about three hours. If you're lucky, I might even have a video of that you.

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kate said...

i thought the dicaprio accent was more sean connery.