Saturday, July 29, 2006

Tapes n Tapes - Siren Music Festival - Coney Island, Brooklyn NYC

So I went to Siren. The yearly overheated sweatfest with hipster's favs occurs around the second week of July right by Nathan's and the Cyclone. The new next to old you might say.

The band list has gone down significantly in the past two years next to the new contenders like Pitchfork's fest taking all the top flight bands. But it's free and it's close, so the price is right.

Sadly, I missed my goal of catching the full Man Man set, caught the last two or three songs. Man Man is one of the top 10 live bands going today. Pure energy and insanity on stage. Saw them at Northsix, a couple of months back and it was... how do you say... bananas!!

Some of the other bands were alright. Art Brut was alright. They are funny and engaging but boring musically. Stars was average. Whenever I get there early, I'm burned out by the closer, usually because of the sheer size of the crowd by the closers. Although Spoon was top shelf as the headliner on the main stage last year.

But the best overall musical performance that I saw had to be Tapes n Tapes.

Here's a little video I captured from a bit away and shaking while Tapes performed "10 Gallon Ascot"

More images to come.

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