Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Ken Jennings Goes Off on Jeopardy plus Harold Reynolds abruptly dismissed from ESPN

All I can say is wow.

Fox News - Ken Jennings Blasts 'Jeopardy!"

If you're morally against reading Foxnews, which is understandable here's The Boston Globe.

In sad news, Harold Reynolds was fired from ESPN. No one knows why. The network that speculates about the color of A-Rod's panties can't "reveal" why they fired the only guy who says something original once in a while and the guy on Baseball Tonight that never had a mullet.

Rumor has it was sexual harassment but one person maintains it was a blowup over the recent bullshit A-rod is struggling and he's gonna be traded and talked about ad nauseum.

All Baseball has a lot of speculation on Reynolds. Here's hoping they bring him back or fire John Kruk too and drop Tino Martinez, Orestes Destrade and Steve Phillips off the same cliff and waiting for Gammons to comeback to bring the show back. Not likely.

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