Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Man I Love Judge Dredd

Man, I really do love Judge Dredd. It's genius. The polyester suits and the helmets. Stallone and Armand Assante play twin brothers. Stallone is a cop, or in the future" a judge" (judges because they judge criminals on the stop after capturing them, kind of like Bush.) Assante is the evil slurring twin. It's much better than Demolition Man.

Demolition Man did have Wesley Snipes as the bleach blonde supercriminal Simon Pheonix. What a name. And a pre-Speed Sandra Bullock. And the fact that after the restaurant chain wars only one restaurant remained and became a delicacy; Taco Bell of course. But Dredd had the better quotes and Armand Assante. 'nuff said.

There is a reason for all this Judge Dredd talk. Sly is back. If you haven't heard, there is going to be a Rocky 6. Not only is it going to be made but it has been filmed and it will be out in less than 6 months. Rocky Balboa is the title and it will be a Christmas release to be exact (It's major Oscar bait. Stallone better make room on his mantle for a couple since he is directing AND starring. Maybe he can get a lifetime achievement award where they can show clips from Over the Top, Stop or My Mom Will Shoot! and Daylight)

Not sure why I think this picture is funny, but Stallone behind the camera makes me crack up.

Are you excited? Well, get ready for the ultimate cream dream. There is a trailer and it looks pathetic. It looks like an average ESPN newsbreak. I'd rather watch the ESPN Original Movie 3: The Dale Earnhardt Story starring Barry Pepper back to back with Kevin Costner's For The Love of The Game. I'd even watch Waterworld again. To be honest, I'm due to watch Judge Dredd again. Finally a goal for the weekend.

Make sure to chekc out the film's OFFICIAL blog with very important updates.

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