Thursday, December 01, 2011

A Glimpse at Daniel Day Lewis as Lincoln, Animated Drive, and the mentality of movie theatre crowds... I Read Something Dec. 1, 2011

Well that was an extremely lengthy hiatus for no apparent reason.

How do I fill the void? A link farm of course of worthy early December reading.

Surprisingly, I just recently started reading the in-depth peices on Observations on Film Art. A recent lengthy piece talking about the mentality of people and where they sit in a movie theatre is fascinating. Personally, I don't understand sitting in the back of a theatre unless it is 3D. But we all know 3D is a joke and that craze is slowly dying (again), mostly because people figured out it isn't worth it to pay 25% more to see a movie pop out at you and give you headaches.

No matter what your view on historical biopics, there is no way not to get excited after seeing this.

That is Daniel Day Lewis between takes of a Lincoln biopic for Spielberg. Found that via Comingsoon

Also from ComingSoon, Micheal Fassbender is quickly rocketing up my list of actors who make films must-sees. It appears Christain Bale has bailed on the next Darren Aronofosky flick and Fassbender might just have to step into a role of biblical proportions. Literally. Noah. The guy with the Ark and the animals.
After criminal oversight/BS-rules of the Academy last year Daft Punk is belatedly getting its due with a Grammy nomination for the Tron: Legacy soundtrack. Probably one of the most triumphant and innovative scores in years. (FirstShowing)

Gosling's Drive, not to be confused with Driver or Drive Faster, gets a cool animated tribute.

Check back soon as the best of 2011 lists will be popping up shortly, maybe with a Christmas treat as well. A best in film, music and maybe even a compilation of books I've read. Although I have to get back to the books to meet my goal of 40 read this year. Can't wait for the list, check out my goodreads profile.

Not as many books read as last year, but I have been a bit busy with the new business I've started. (Shameless plug: If you are not happy with your Wireless Internet Speed or feel insecure about network security, check out, providing high speed routers with modified firmware for increased speed, security, and more integrated capabilities.

I will not ignore as much in the future. And if you get a chance, I've started up an overlooked film/music blog called You've Missed A Lot.

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Honkerism said...

Actually was not even a picture of him between takes, that was him at a random restaurant and someone grabbed a shot... you know how he does it, he basically "is" abe lincoln for the next year... academy award waiting for him...