Friday, May 06, 2011

Sorry Mac Lovers, You Are Susceptible to Viruses!!

I can't be the only one to be excited to hear the news. Macs get viruses!!

The ultimate argument of Apple hoity-toity kings for their overpriced closed-end devices besides the super-sleek design and all that good stuff is that PCs get viruses.

Windows users have all had a run in with the popular trend of the Anti-Virus viruses. They suck. You got one, or your parents, or your grandparents or all of them. Well now Macs have their own special "Fake, Malicious Antivirus Program." The virus/program is called MAC Defender. (Very creative virus guys, can't we get a pun here?)

So eat it Mac chauvinists. You're just as susecptible as the rest of us lowly, shallow pocketed Windows users. Welcome to the world of pain in the ass viruses!

(via Geekosystem)

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