Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Here Come The Reboots Plus Movies You Might Have Missed in 2010

Guess they finally decided Morgan Freeman was too old to be Alex Cross (protagonist in Kiss The Girls & Along Came a Spider).

The film series, based on the most prolific author of schlocky crime crap in the late 20th century James Patterson, who seems to rich and busy to even write the stuff himself so he gets a "co-author" and releases a new book every month. Can't blame the guy for getting paid, quite a racket he's got going. According to his wiki, it's called collaborating with co-authors/sharing the spotlight.

With the popularity of Patterson's books, it surprised me that they haven't been all turned into movies. There are eighteen Alex Cross novels ready and waiting. Maybe they were just waiting for the right guy to take on the role.

An announcement was made last year about a reboot starring Idris Elba (AKA Stringer Bell from The Wire) helmed by David Twohy (who has a mixed bag of a career between writing The Fugitive & Waterworld while taking on direting duties as well with Pitch Black and the underrated submarine flick Below). This would be a very hit or miss proposition, yet it would have promise.

How quickly the tides can change; things can go from interesting to unwatchable before it goes into production. According to multiple sources including VeryAware the director/actor duo has morphed into a very different direction. What if I told you Tyler Perry would star as Alex Cross? Is that something you would be interested in? I didn't think so.  

How about if I told you Rob Cohen, the captain of such fantastic films as xXx, The Fast & The Furious, Stealth, & Mummy 3. Dig deeper and you'll stumble onto that four-star film The Skulls starring the great Joshua Jackson and that Stallone classic Daylight, about being stuck in tunnel. Is this something you'd be even less interested in?

If you think about it, Twohy & Cohen together are responsible of introducing the world to the musclebound, baldheaded coolness of Mr. Vin Diesel. I guess if the studio is looking to start a new series of potential blockbusters Rob Cohen is their man. But to me, this just looks like another cobbling of crap to be fed down the movie going public's throats. Can you just imagine the trailer? Creepy music, the standard serial killer type premise being laid out in little blips of snappy dialogue,  CSI-style room examinations, some blood, and jumpcuts of flashy action that will probably ruin the preview's tension. Sounds like a pass for me in advance.

Speaking of reboots, Warner Brothers to reboot Lethal Weapon...because they are stupid. And then they announce a Fletch reboot, which could be much more interesting as long as it doesn't go the way of Get Smart. Maybe they'll allow Joe Pesci to reprise his Lethal role. I heard he's hurting for work since that My Cousin Vinny sequel fell through.

/Film has a better than average list of films you probably haven't heard of but should check out from 2010. It is a bit of cheating since a few of them were on HBO and a few were never released in this country so that's why you haven't heard of it. The list has a few of the usual suspects like Exit Through the Gift Shop, an assortment of documentaries (how many documentaries do you see in theaters per annum?), and a bunch of foreign films (how many of these do you pay to see in a year?) If the answer to either of the previous two parenthetical questions is "a couple," then this list will be of much interest to you as a film connoisseur.

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