Tuesday, October 05, 2010

I Read Something... Music Oct 6, 2010

Image via NYMag

According to Esquire, Ali G/Borat et al comedic genius Sasha Baron Cohen is en route to an Oscar for his next musically inspired role which in one of the best casting decisions on the face it in a long time, especially for a larger than life persona:

Yes, it's already Oscar season, with the Toronto Film Festival come and gone and the Hollywood press talking to itself for six months of agonizing, half-interesting uncertainty. But suddenly, out of the dark unknown of Oscarmania comes a distant beacon of certitude: Sacha Baron Cohen will get his Academy Award.  Read more...

The upcoming Tron sequel soundtrack is in good hands. (Paste)

How Pavement Became the Greatest Band of the Nineties This Year. (NY Mag)

Haven't listened myself but if you are so inclined to the standard quality of Sujan Stevens' musical output, take a free listen over thanks to NPR Music.

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