Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Michael Jackson's "Thriller" - The Musical?

According to BBC & Pitchfork Media, it's happening...  "Thriller" on Broadway. How exciting for those five remaining fans of the King of Pop?


The latest news coming out of Brigham Young University pertins to a study on Gamers and Social Interaction:
"The study found that the more young adults played video games, the more likely they were to engage in activities such as drinking and drug abuse. For young women, self-worth was inversely proportional to game use."
I am shocked that people that play more video games do more drugs.  This is what they're studying in universties around this nation. (PC World)


There's been a Scott Bakula sighting. (ComingSoon)

R.I.P John Updike. Writer of the "Rabbit" series, like "Rabbit Run." He was 76. Cause of Death: Lung Cance.r (Paste)


Everybody loves the new Animal Collective album Merriweather Post Pavillion (91 on Metacritic).  I've been enjoying it myself quite a bit lately.  Here's the album's latest video:


Just to close on the opening Thriller/Michael Jackson theme:

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