Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I Read Something... Dec. 16: Long Time, No See

I work stupid, exhausting hours for a terrible retail company that zaps my energy in exchange for not enough cash so I don't get to blog as much as I like. It's probably because my blog entries are way too long and riddled with common grammar mistakes that wouldn't be acceptable to the average English Major with a BA in any other time. But forget the day-job, onto some links of humor and interest.

And here is where I wanted to put some top ten lists that I never made... so there are links instead.

Movie Bits

Something funky in British water? Mamma Mia becomes the UK's number one grossing movie of all time passing Titanic.

Awards season has just arrived and the film critics have made lists of movies that no one has seen yet and in my old days I'd run to the NYC theaters to see them. Time has a sum-up of the favorites. Among the list, Milk, Slumdog Millionaires, Benjamin Button and more.

In remaking of movies that are less than 20 years old news, The Crow may be getting a "reworking. That' a terrible idea although not as bad as attempting to two Hulk movies and and two Punisher movies in the last five years. Don't forget the rumor of the 10 years delayed sequel of that great Billy Zane purple superhero movie The Phantom based on old 30's & 40's radio show.

Real World News

Gay penguin problems? (The Week)

I want this. (Dethroner)

What is SXTING? (USA Today)

20 Questions with Meatwad from "Aqua Teen" (Wired)

Malcolm Gladwell's latest article dissects the hiring practices. (New Yorker)

There is no Colmes anymore with that Hannity. What a shame? THat scay looking plastic man was the best punching bag they ever created in a lab. (NYTimes)

And finally... the quote of the week.

"It's like the most album oriented album I've ever done." - Chris Cornell on his new collaboration with (no this is not a typo) Timbaland.

No, it's not sponsored by the the boot company made popular by rappers but by the rap uber-producer himself. Here's a few moments of Tim and Chris chatting about the sessions, featuring the quote above followed by an example of their collobration, the new album's lead single.

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