Tuesday, July 03, 2007

I Have Faith in John From Cincinnati...

"Explain the difference between you and a monkey in a tree."

John From Cincinnati is a show infinitely puzzling yet satisfying in all aspects of entertainment. A show full of great characters taken on by excellent actors with piling story lines that I truly believe is going somewhere. That is what the show is about, belief. The essence of the show is what you have to give to it.

If you haven’t been exposed to this show for more than the first episode following the Sopranos because you were confused and frustrated, I recommend sticking with it. I won’t begin to attempt to dissect the storyline. It’s a show you’d love to talk about and quote but it’s almost impossible. It moves so quickly and so slowly simultaneously. John From Cincinnati is all encompassing and fascinating and a true credit to HBO, just another in a string of shows that validates the idea that anything they put on is worth watching outside of Sex and the City. I guess they have to put something on for the ladies, and I know there are guys out there who are huge closet fans.

I just hope John From Cincinnati will be nurtured and allowed to survive no matter what the ratings. This is a piece of art and show possibly for the ages. It may be the only show that can resurrect Luke Perry and Ed O’Neill’s career while involving Luis Guzman and Bruce Greenwood. Ed O’Neill’s ridiculous character with long non-sequitir monologues to his house full of birds. It’s a show about surfing but it’s not. It’s a show about family, people, life, and healing and it’s not. There’s levitation and drug use, observers, protectors, saviors, hooligans, lottery winners and pure souls. And just as we are confounded by it so are the characters.

The writing in this show is amazing, the direction is fantastic and I’m looking forward to every Sunday night at nine again. Something I couldn’t say about Sopranos for the last 4 years. But I still enjoyed Sopranos, had no problem with the finale. John From Cincinnati is almost a continuation of Sopranos but on the West Coast, a lot of questions some answers that lead into more questions. And then there is John, the most lovable and confusing character in recent memory. If this show doesn’t survive, I won’t be surprised but I’ll be upset. Watch it while you can. Get to your HBO On Demand ASAP and watch John From Cincinnati.

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