Thursday, May 17, 2007

I'm one lazy fuck... More Randomness

Here's stuff (most of it is from one very special source). I know another fucking blog full of Youtube videos. You could probably go to Youtube yourself without my help.:

First The Mammoth Basketball Player cold cocks a ref:

Here' Stanley's Best from the Office. And since it's Stanley's best,it is the best and most underrated parts of the office. Stanley laughing at Ryan in the Amazing Race episode is PRICELESS. Now one does blatant sarcasm like Stanley. Wathc out for the "Yea, we hang out all the time" line when he talks about Dwight. Hysterical.

Here's The Big Lebowski Wii Style:

And Sports Illustrated Guide to Best Facial Hair in Sports. Don't worry, Rollie Fingers and his greatness are of course included as well as Scott Spezio and the Red thing on his face.

My favorite has to be

Only in Calgary, Alberta, Canada can this 'stache reside. I have an affinity for funny facial hair because I can't properly develop my own. Wah.

And here's a interesting Lynch-esque video from Handsome Furs (Wolf Parade Side Project):

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kate said...

hey wheres my shoutout. i sent you like 75% of that stuff!

please add:

this post is courtesy of my wonderful girlfriend kate who spends her day watching things on youtube and emailing them to me.