Thursday, March 01, 2007

New Harry Potter Book Title: Harry Potter and The Post Equine Coital Cigarette

You Might have heard that the Harry Potter kid (Daniel Radcliffe) is making his West End (London's Broadway) stage debut in the nude.

But did you know that in this play Equus he's smoking and fucking horses.

The BBC says it in a nicer way:
"(Daniel) "Radcliffe plays troubled stableboy Alan Strang, who has an erotic relationship with his horses."

Alan Strang is a pretty good porn name. Well, Mr. Radcliffe, now you are a really shown your range. You're a real actor now.

On a serious note: Radcliffe was actually very funny in a self-effacing guest starring role on Ricky Gervais' quickly improving Extras.(creator and star of the UK version of The Office). He acts like a sex craved and spoiled teeny bopper star who makes a pass at any woman in sight while carrying around an unrolled condom in his hand. Give it a look if you have HBO on Demand.

Potter star's stage debut praised (BBC)

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