Sunday, February 11, 2007

The $70 Million Dollar Baptist Medicine Man of Boston

He just looks like a prick.

J.D. Drew could be the most overrated baseball player in history. The man has been in the majors forever collecting paychecks for his ability to put up big power numbers, which he never has done because he always got injured.

According to the Eagle Tribune, a Massachusetts paper:

Here is the regimen biochemist and certified clinical nutritionist Tamara Jo Mariea has recommended for J.D. Drew.

QRS: Daily, 24 minutes on a relaxed session before bed; Apply to needed area (shoulder, knee) after workout.

Lubriflex: Supplement to enhance joint cartilage and preserve joints.

Vitatonic: Replenishes valuable nutrients.

P2R (Prepare 2 Repair): Helps mitigate shock protein response created cellularly from exercise trauma; helps cells hydrate and recover faster.

Cell phone strategy: Use of BIOpro chip and BIOpro pendant to limit radiation-induced damage to body's cells.

Hyperbaric chamber/Far-infrared sauna: Device to remove toxins from the body

Guess that's why he has a new 5 year/$70 million contract.
Drew has always been a money grubby brat. Here's a guy who wanted $10 million dollars when it was never expected according to Wikipedia:

1997: Drafted by the Philadelphia Phillies

Drew was the second overall pick in the 1997 MLB Draft by the Philadelphia Phillies. Drew and his agent Scott Boras elected not to sign with the Phillies, sticking to their guarantee that they would not sign for less than $10 million dollars. The Phillies had no plan to pay an unproven player this amount of money, and despite Boras' warnings, drafted Drew nonetheless. Drew sat out 1997. To this day, he is booed every time he makes a plate appearance in Philadelphia.

For more in depth detail, check this out.

A Red Sox source I know, who will be referred to as "Guy Hebert," says he'll be traded by June.

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